Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine at Zen House.

We had experimented with various vegetarian cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, and Western options, among others. However, have you ever indulged in the realm of Japanese vegetarian cuisine? What comes to your mind when you think of Japanese vegetarian fare?

During a recent stroll through Sunway Velocity Mall, we stumbled upon a fascinating restaurant situated on the lower ground called Zen House. This establishment specializes in Japanese vegetarian cuisine. Intrigued by this unique offering, we made the spontaneous decision to give it a try.

They provide a wide selection of Japanese cuisine that resembles what you would typically find in a traditional Japanese restaurant. The menu draws inspiration from Japan’s diverse cultures and culinary traditions. Following the staff’s suggestions, we sampled a few of their top-selling dishes, including the Zen House Salad (featuring White Lady Turnip Salad with the Chef’s Special Dressing), Omakase Moriawase (an assortment of sushi), Zen House Sashimi Moriawase (a variety of sashimi), Cheese Shitake (Deep-Fried Brown Mushroom with Cheese), and Gyoza (Pan-Fried Japanese Dumplings), which served as our main course.

As we perused the menu, we couldn’t resist ordering a few tantalizing side dishes. We indulged in Asuyaki Tamago (a delectable Japanese omelette), Agedashi Tofu (crispy deep-fried tofu), Horenso Goma (refreshing cold spinach with sesame dressing), and Asparagus Roll (grilled ham roll with asparagus) to complement our meal. And how could we forget about desserts? To conclude our dining experience, we savored the delightful Japanese Tofu Cheesecake.

Upon seeing the beautifully presented dishes, one would never guess that they were vegetarian. And just like us, we were taken aback when the dishes arrived. The presentation was impressive, but what truly amazed us was the taste.

The textures and flavors were remarkably similar to the authentic Japanese dishes found in non-vegetarian Japanese restaurants. We had never experienced vegetarian food that could mimic the taste of the originals so closely. It served as a testament to the fact that vegetarian cuisine can be just as flavorful, innovative, and gratifying as its non-vegetarian counterparts.

For those who adore Japanese cuisine but may not be familiar with vegetarian options, this restaurant is an excellent introduction. It provides a wonderful opportunity to explore vegetarian dishes while still enjoying the flavors of Japanese cuisine. Embracing a healthier and more environmentally friendly approach has never been easier!

For further details, please visit Zen House’s Facebook page at http://www.zenhouse.com.my/.

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